Justice League

Anybody caught Justice League over the weekend?
Some of the inktober sketches done with Justice League theme!

Thor Ragnorok

Thor Ragnarok premiered last week ushering a new blockbuster movie season besides the usual summer one (Justice League will be coming out as well as Coco, Murder on the Orient Express, etc!) I still haven’t watched it yet but in anticipation of the film, I drew some of the core characters for my Inktober last month. I’ll be catching it hopefully on Wednesday after Election Day! So stoked! Have you seen the film yet?

Creative Weekend Part 02

Time really flies, it felt like only a month ago I was watching Game of Thrones season 07 when it was really 3 months ago!
I have been working on Inktober posts on Instagram for the whole month of October as well as entering competitions, adding items to my online shops, sprucing up portfolio – it’s been kinda non-stop since late September!
I will be posting some of the Inktober posts here as well but in the meantime, if you are curious, you can see the quick video of all the drawings I did for Inktober, all 31 (plus one additional which I ended up redoing!) here!
But for today, as promised (a while back!) part 02 of the creative weekend back in late September! From Steven Broadway’s fashion sketch session. Some 4 minute, 7 minute to 10 minute drawings.

Creative Weekend

With 2-day Risograph workshop!
With Dare2Draw event!
With Steven Broadway Fashion Sketch Session!

It was a very fun back-to-back creative activities over the weekend. First time using Risograph machine and riso printing, which yielded some interesting results (top first 3 images).

Dare2draw event back to its original format though now you can view the entire video on their website/youtube channel. Oddly, I won first prize in their QuickDraw contest that evening! I haven’t won first prize in five years for the Quickdraw contest and funny enough the person leading the risograph workshop was one of the guests and judge of the Quickdraw five years ago. The guests and judges this time were the creative team from comic book series ‘Black’. Their story and talk was quite inspirational! Image on bottom right features some 2 minute sketches, signed copy of Black final issue and my prizes- Wacom Intuos Pro 5 refurbished; $100 gift certificate to Jerrys Artarama!

Sunday was a return to risograph where we as a group finished a group zine and completed our own personal projects. To cap the creative weekend, fashion sketch session with Steven Broadway! I will post those drawings sometime during the week. Maybe create some riso prints of some of my fashion drawings. Who knows! 

I am thinking of giving away those booklets on top right corner if ever I start a patreon page. Thoughts on that one? The booklets fold out to the ‘Donut Tempt Me’ poster.

Prepare for Winter – in July!

Getting stoked for Season 07 of Game of Thrones! Will it feel like winter in the middle of July? I am sure it will because I am already feeling chillls for this new season! Will you be watching?
Second digital sketch was done to match the posters for Season 07!:

Twin Peaks Sketch Night

I guess Twin Peaks will never leave our hearts!

The show started in the 90s, there was a movie made after the show, and now this year, there is a new show of Twin Peaks following some of the characters from the town 20-something years later!
The person who hosted the sketch night at the Society of Illustrators and the models created a good interpretation of the show- some of the characters you see here in the sketches: Audrey Horne, Sheriff Harry S Truman, Shelley Johnson, the Log Lady, Bob, even Agent Cooper! 

Anybody seen the old show? Anybody watching the 2017 version?