Chinese Opera Mulan Sketch Night

It’s been a while! I have been working on a zine with a couple of friends which I will eventually post since it is due in mid April! I am excited about this zine since it’s my first time participating in a collaborative zine and I love the theme! Meanwhile, enjoy a few sketches from “Chinese Opera Mulan” sketch night styled by David Leung from the Asiatorialist!
That night reminded me of the movie ‘Farewell My Concubine’ (oh Leslie Cheung! RIP)
Such a wonderful night!

Sherlock Re-imagined (again!)

These sketches were from a Sherlock themed sketch night at the Society of Illustrators. I loved all the new millennium Sherlock, from BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock with Robert Downey Jr. and Elementary with a female Joan Watson – yes Lucy Liu! (I only watched a few episodes though of Elementary)

I decided to digitally color some of the black and white sketches for dramatic effect (and for fun!):

Fashion Sketch Club

Aside from the Society of Illustrators and National Arts Club sketch nights, I have been attending Steven Broadway’s fashion sketch sessions. I love having to draw the models in their various outfits! This is from my very first session with Steven Broadway’s class. Some of these were posted on my IG account. For more click here and scroll down! We call it the #stevenbroadwayzsketchclub
(not my original idea unfortunately!)

I am thinking of selling some of these fashion sketches one day that is if there is a market for it. Stay tuned!

A Belated Galentines-Valentines as well!

Happy Valentines to you all! I realized Galentine’s is also becoming popular so I am already preparing Galentine greetings for next year! My friends and I had our own Galentine version party this past weekend called #loveyourself party. I think we all need to throw ourselves that kinda party!
In other news, for the second time, my Sherlock/Doctor Who card (Eleventh Doctor) was featured on another geek-tastic website, You can see the feature here.
Finally if you have google chrome as your web browser, you can see little hearts bursting for every post you click on (at least for my blogsite since I enabled the interactive feature)
I screencaptured what happens when you click on the post:

And after you click out of the post!:


Lunar New Year

A belated Lunar New Year greeting! Lunar New Year began January 28, right after the new moon. I had two dinners that evening and more dinners that whole lunar new year weekend! This year for Chinese New Year, it is the year of the Rooster! Since I have been doing a lot of fashion sketches this past year, I could not help drawing a lady with a lot of plumage – rooster feather plumage!
Her hair is her crown – I could not help but add a mascot too because the sketch needed a cute mascot!
Happy New Year (again!) May it be a year of happiness, peace and prosperity!

Women Who Draw

Yes! I finally made it to the long yet very talented list of women professional illustrators!! is an open directory of female illustrators from around the world, from different ethnic, religious and orientation backgrounds. Each illustration leads to the artist’s website. 

Check it out when you get a chance!
My illustration is the tiny black and white dinky one all the way to the right. Can you spot my sitting mermaid illustration? I had to search under ‘Christian’ too just to shorten my search-it is such a huge directory but one that I am honored to be part of!
And of course I found out that I made it into the directory on the day of the Women’s March on Saturday! How appropriate! Were you there in DC/ NYC/ your respective cities for the march? I was in a fashion sketch session but supported my friends and sisters in spirit. 

Also attaching some of the other options I wanted to use for the site.