Good Night Dark Knight

A bit late on this but still wanted to create a quick fanart of Adam West Batman since Mr. West passed away last Sunday and I was saddened by the news! Adam West Batman was the first Batman I saw on TV on VHS when I was a kid in the 80s! Then Michael Keaton Batman came along in 1989 and everything became very dark, moody and broody! Still love Batman anyways, even if he’s no longer his campy self! R.I.P Adam West, wish east coast Gotham paid a tribute to you as L.A did!

Wonder of wonders – Wonder Woman!

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? I find there are some flaws to the story but other than that, it was awesome! I loved seeing Themyscira where Diana came from! I was inspired to draw this but this still need some tweaking. Couldn’t help but digitally color the sketch anyways!

RIP Roger Moore

Finishing up the Bond sketch series with Roger Moore sketch, even though he passed away in May. I  am still finishing up some of the Bond films with Roger Moore. My Favorite is still ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. Although Moonraker was fun too with the sci-fi/fantasy element. He was one fine, suave gentleman, ‘a real class act’ as someone I know described on Instagram! 

May was full of all things related to James Bond with the sad parting of Chris Cornell (May 17) who sang the song for Casino Royale to Roger Moore (May 23) who was 007 from 1973-1985.

And also the birthdays of John Glen (May 15), director of Octopussy; Pierce Brosnan (May 16), 007 from 1995-2003; Berenice Marlohe (May 19) Bond girl in Skyfall; Christopher Lee (May 27) Scaramanga from The Man with the Golden Gun; Ian Fleming (May 28), the author of the Bond series!
So it seems appropriate to have a special James Bond sketch night end of May at the Society of Illustrators although our model had a stubble/beard and so seem more like John Wick than James Bond!

Awesome Mixtape Vol 02

Did your summer movie season kicked off with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? We bought tickets Friday morning on opening weekend and was so excited! The first one was so awesome, entertaining and a nice surprise too since I didn’t know this Marvel comic series. I was more of the X-Men and any crossover (such as Infinity Gauntlet/War reader anyways)

Vol 2 I loved but not as much as the first one. Awesome opening scene of course. The whole father-son relationship is good too but feels a little underdeveloped. And there were some scenes that seem to drag a little too long than it should. Second movie does feel a bit mature than the first one – first one was just a fun romp, second has some emotional tugging of the heart strings.
Still, Vol 2 is awesome enough for me that I had to create a fanart!

Still laughing with Drax and Mantis!

The songs as always is so good – the music from both Vol 1 an 2 are in heavy rotation when I am doing my work!
What did you think of the second GotG movie?

May the 4th be with you!

A bit late on this post but how did you spend May the 4th? For me, it fell on the same day as burlesque sketch night at the Society of Illustrators! 

That night felt a bit like stepping into a Mos Eisley cantina!

Several 2-5 minute sketches on top and 10-20 minutes on middle and bottom.

Burlesque models: Leftylucy and friend as R2-D2, X-Wing Fighter Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi and C3-PO.

A Night at the Museum

Throwback Thursday when Drawing New York collaborated with Museum of Art and Design (MAD) to host a sketch night based on the museum’s new exhibition, “Counter-Couture, Handmade Fashion in an American Counterculture”. It was one groovy night I have to say and it was fun drawing the models dressed in 1960’s fashion with the exhibition as the backdrop. The museum provided the materials too! I haven’t used Prang color pencils in such a long time, since I was a kid! I had to hustle to get the model and their clothes down in 10-15minutes!
Fun times…
If you are in NYC, the exhibition ends August 20.