This fanart itself is a detour! I have a been binge watching on X-Files the past few months and now plowing through Season 07 (currently, its on Season 11!) I used to watch the show in the 90’s on and off so had a problem following the whole myth arc story of extraterrestrials and government conspiracy. Finally watching the episodes in order, I understand and appreciate the myth arc story along with the monsters of the week episodes!

This fanart was inspired by Season 05, Detour, one of my favorite MOTW episodes. And I have added a few more monsters from the dark, including Tooms, the vampires from Bad Blood (another favorite) and even killer robots, which I loved in the new season. Yes, I am even watching a few episodes in the new season! Any X-Files fans/ X-Philes out there? I will be adding more monsters in the background including the Great Mutato, which I have been meaning to but been bogged down with freelance work!


One more…

Black Panther still on my mind! One of my fave characters from the movie is T’Challa’s lil sister, Shuri, a refreshing addition to the cast. She appears in the comic books and will eventually take up Black Panther’s mantle but I love her with her high tech power panther gloves in the movie! I love her humor and spunk and her sweet relationship with her older brother. 

Black Panther! Finally!

Been looking forward to seeing Black Panther since last year when they announced there will be a Black Panther movie! It has finally arrived in theaters and I liked it! I liked the story, the characters, the costumes. The costumes!! The details that went into the costumes were extraordinary.
I was hoping for a more spectacular fight scene between Black Panther and Killmonger but I will settle with what they produced, it’s overall a good story and good action superhero movie! Any thoughts on the movie?

Sketch here of Black Panther (before his new suit!) and one of my fave woman warriors, General Okoye.

A Second Chance

Hello, it’s been a while! Taking advantage of the Lunar New Year to restart the 2018 year! That means new resolutions again! Haha! Hoping your new year is off to a good start!

This sketch was done in brush pen and digitally colored

A Star Wars December

Another year and another Star Wars treat for us Star Wars fans! First with ‘The Force Awakens’ 2 years ago. Then with the prequel to Episode 4, ‘Rogue One’ last year. And now with the continuation from ‘The Force Awakens’ story with ‘The Last Jedi’ this year. Finally got to see it a couple days ago and it was awesome! There were some slow moments but it was fun to watch!
Comments on the new Star Wars movie if you have seen it?
Here are my Star Wars fanart sketches to honor the movie. These were done for Inktober!

Thor Ragnorok

Thor Ragnarok premiered last week ushering a new blockbuster movie season besides the usual summer one (Justice League will be coming out as well as Coco, Murder on the Orient Express, etc!) I still haven’t watched it yet but in anticipation of the film, I drew some of the core characters for my Inktober last month. I’ll be catching it hopefully on Wednesday after Election Day! So stoked! Have you seen the film yet?