Awesome Mixtape Vol 02

Did your summer movie season kicked off with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? We bought tickets Friday morning on opening weekend and was so excited! The first one was so awesome, entertaining and a nice surprise too since I didn’t know this Marvel comic series. I was more of the X-Men and any crossover (such as Infinity Gauntlet/War reader anyways)

Vol 2 I loved but not as much as the first one. Awesome opening scene of course. The whole father-son relationship is good too but feels a little underdeveloped. And there were some scenes that seem to drag a little too long than it should. Second movie does feel a bit mature than the first one – first one was just a fun romp, second has some emotional tugging of the heart strings.
Still, Vol 2 is awesome enough for me that I had to create a fanart!

Still laughing with Drax and Mantis!

The songs as always is so good – the music from both Vol 1 an 2 are in heavy rotation when I am doing my work!
What did you think of the second GotG movie?

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