A Belated Galentines-Valentines as well!

Happy Valentines to you all! I realized Galentine’s is also becoming popular so I am already preparing Galentine greetings for next year! My friends and I had our own Galentine version party this past weekend called #loveyourself party. I think we all need to throw ourselves that kinda party!
In other news, for the second time, my Sherlock/Doctor Who card (Eleventh Doctor) was featured on another geek-tastic website, loadingplayertwo.com. You can see the feature here.
Finally if you have google chrome as your web browser, you can see little hearts bursting for every post you click on (at least for my blogsite since I enabled the interactive feature)
I screencaptured what happens when you click on the post:

And after you click out of the post!:



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