Women Who Draw

Yes! I finally made it to the long yet very talented list of women professional illustrators!! WomenWhoDraw.com is an open directory of female illustrators from around the world, from different ethnic, religious and orientation backgrounds. Each illustration leads to the artist’s website. 

Check it out when you get a chance!
My illustration is the tiny black and white dinky one all the way to the right. Can you spot my sitting mermaid illustration? I had to search under ‘Christian’ too just to shorten my search-it is such a huge directory but one that I am honored to be part of!
And of course I found out that I made it into the directory on the day of the Women’s March on Saturday! How appropriate! Were you there in DC/ NYC/ your respective cities for the march? I was in a fashion sketch session but supported my friends and sisters in spirit. 

Also attaching some of the other options I wanted to use for the site.

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