Star Trek 50th milestone!

This post is a little bit late, it was supposed to come the week of Star Trek 50th anniversary which was September 08, the day the original series premiered on television.
Incredible how much the television series shaped pop culture and history and inspired so many to become visionaries, scientists, engineers, technicians, social workers, designers, writers, explorers. I was quite surprised that on the day of the 50th anniversary, there was no google doodle to commemorate this event despite its humongous impact! The only time I found google honoring Star Trek was on it’s 46th anniversary in 2012 when they came out with the first interactive doodle! Tsk tsk google! Well I am adding two artwork that I created for the 50th anniversary – Starfleet with the original series cast as well as my own google doodle to commemorate it’s 50th! Here’s to another 50 years and beyond! Looking forward to the new show coming in January 2017 – Star Trek: Discovery.
So I think this is the end of the Star Trek posts (for now)!


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