A Labor Day That Was Out of This World

Space..the final frontier- I was able to join thousands of Trekkies at the Star Trek Missions New York this past Labor Day weekend which was out of this world! It was to celebrate Star Trek 50th anniversary; September 8 marks the actual 50th anniversary debut! I think my experience might not compare to some who had paid a little extra to see the celebrities and get to meet them but I still consider myself a newbie to the franchise and still had a great time celebrating this milestone. I think next year might be a different experience for me if they celebrate Star Trek The Next Generation 30th anniversary!

A couple collage shots from the event!:

Day 01 –
Checking out the original series props, the first-day-of-issue stamp ceremony, Deep Space 9 cast reunion and Enterprise cast reunion (they were hilarious!) Ended the evening with Wrath of Khan in 4k with director Nicholas Meyer!

Day 02 –
Which was spent mostly at the main stage for the panels (morning was the shopping portion and the lines…the lines!!!) Main Stage-
TOP: Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast (awesome)
MIDDLE: Reading of The Voyage Home with ensemble cast of actors (excellent, want repeat!)
BOTTOM: Cosplay Contest with the 3 judges on left and winners on right
NOT SHOWN (picture was too tiny anyways)- Admiral Pike and Marcus from the reboot movies!
And CBS new Star Trek: Discovery panel (they wouldn’t allow us to take photos!) launching January 2017!


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