We know Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones did not visit any places of the tonsorial sorts after the end of Season 05…(“He always comes back”…..I say in a whisper…..)

So excited Game of Thrones season 06 will be premiering in a few weeks!

tonsorial [ton-sawr-ee-uh l, -sohr-]
1. of or relating to a barber or barbering:
the tonsorial shop.

Citations for tonsorial:
The more seriously he took the tonsorial art, the more he studied its tricks and phrases and heard old barbers lecture, the more sure were the imps of youth to prompt him to laughter and urge him to something outrageous and ridiculous.

– Lord Dunsany, Tales of War, 1918

… in the lush and gay ’90s of American history, when travelling salesmen called drummers “beat the bushes” of city and hinterland for business, ofttimes they became lonely. So they hied to those then exclusive retreats of masculinity fancifully known as tonsorial parlors.
– Ralph Sharp, “Yes, Brother,” Rotarian, September 1946

1805-15; < Latin tōnsōri (us) of shaving ( tond (ēre) to shave + -tōrius -tory1, with dt > s) + -al1

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