TV Land

I have been watching way too much TV that I haven’t been posting onto this site! I didn’t watch the Emmys last Sunday but was glad to see one of my favorite television show win best drama – finally! After all these years – although they did have to kill a lot of good characters just to win that title!

And of course with the new season of Doctor Who that premiered last Sunday, I was inspired to create this fanart. My favorite Doctor alien!

Finally I have been watching the 100 – no fanart there….yet! A very good sci-fi post apocalyptic show. Been watching a lot of post-apocalyptic themed media (Maze Runner anyone?)  I guess good time to gear up for the Book of Revelations class I signed up for!


4 thoughts on “TV Land

  1. I really like your Game of Thrones montage, particularly how each character has an important personal element that isn’t fully in frame: Shireen with her book, Barristan with the blade, Sandor with just the top of Arya’s head showing, Ygritte on the bier with arrowheads almost hidden.

    I also greatly approve of the blue roses on the edge of Catelyn and Ned, which represent Lyanna and her bittersweet impact on them.

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