It’s been a while since I learned any new words. Commensal was a new word I learned just a few days ago and kinda applies to this fanart I have been working on for Game of Thrones – well, mostly for those who were born in April, my ‘name day’ month!

These characters who would never get together for any occasion other than perhaps to play politics/play the game of thrones, in an alternate universe (or at least in my universe!) get together to celebrate their name day month!

commensal [kuh-men-suh l]

1. eating together at the same table.
2. Ecology. (of an animal, plant, fungus, etc.) living with, on, or in another, without injury to either.
3. Sociology. (of a person or group) not competing while residing in or occupying the same area as another individual or group having independent or different values or customs.

4. a companion at table.
5. Ecology. a commensal organism.

Origin of commensal:
1350-1400; Middle English < Medieval Latin commēnsālis.

Example Sentences:
Then the fish moved further out of the depth of the anemone to examine the commensal shrimp.


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