Time is going by so quickly! Already we’re nearing the month of February.
This word appeared in the beginning of January as the word of the day. With our recent ‘snowpocalypse’ (I called it that since it was supposed to be a snowstorm of record breaking proportions!), I thought it would be nice to revisit this word with a sketch!

niveous \ NIV-ee-uhs \ , adjective;
1. resembling snow, especially in whiteness; snowy.

You contemplate all the hours you sat attentive and alert on the flight deck, and how you never grew less enamored of the niveous white magnificence of clouds as you gazed down at them from thirty or thirty-five thousand feet.
— Chris Bohjalian, The Night Strangers , 2011

Niveous stems from the Latin root nix, meaning “snow.” -Eous is an adjectival suffix denoting that something has the nature of the stem.


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