Tofurkey – a portmanteau word

According to wikipedia, ‘tofurkey’ is ‘a portmanteau of tofu and turkey’. Of course when I think of ‘tofurkey’, I visually think of this:


tofurkey noun
tofu made to taste and/or look like turkey meat

[pawrt-man-toh, pohrt-; pawrt-man-toh, pohrt-noun, plural portmanteaus, portmanteaux [pawrt-man-tohz, -toh, pohrt-, pawrt-man-tohz, -toh, pohrt-] Chiefly British

1. a case or bag to carry clothing in while traveling, especially a leather trunk or suitcase that opens into two halves.

Word Origin and History for portmanteau
n. 1580s, “traveling case or bag for clothes and other necessaries,” from Middle French portemanteau “traveling bag,” originally “court official who carried a prince’s mantle” (1540s), from porte, imperative of porter “to carry” (see porter (n.1)) + manteau “cloak” (see mantle (n.)).

Portmanteau word “word blending the sound of two different words”(1882), coined by “Lewis Carroll” (Charles L. Dodgson, 1832-1898) for the sort of words he invented for “Jabberwocky,” on notion of “two meanings packed up into one word.” As a noun in this sense from 1872.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

British Dictionary definitions for portmanteau:
noun (pl) -teaus, -teaux (-təʊz)

1. (formerly) a large travelling case made of stiff leather, esp one hinged at the back so as to open out into two compartments

2. (modifier) embodying several uses or qualities: the heroine is a portmanteau figure of all the virtues

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N !

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