A fish that osculate

And they’re called gourami fish!

Known ‘for the fish’s peculiar “kissing” behavior of other fish, plants, and other objects.’ according to wikipedia.
For more info view here

‘Osculate’ happens to be the word of the day! Love it! The word itself sounds strange when describing two beings in close contact; kissing is easier word to say and more familiar!

osculate \ OS-kyuh-leyt \ , verb;

1. to kiss.
2. to bring into close contact or union.

And the Marquis, whose rough, red beard was trembling with emotion, effusively osculated the ducal paw.
— P. W. Wilson, “The Three Young Citizens,” Boy’s Life, December 1924
Osculate is formed with the Latin word for “mouth,” ōs ,and a suffix used to create English verbs from Latin, -ate. It entered English in the mid-1600s.


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