SDCC 2014 Day 04

My costume for SDCC 2014 Day 04. A little bit late on this one, I decided to create the 12th Doctor’s outfit with my own spin to the costume.

Why a giraffe you asked? On the same day I finished my costume, I learned a new word for giraffe called ‘camelopard‘ from and thought it was cool. Maybe the 12th doctor will find camelopards cool like the 11th doctor saying bow ties are cool:

camelopard\ kuh-MEL-uh-pahrd \ , noun;
1. Archaic . a giraffe


A crier explained that this was the camelopard, so-called because in some respects it resembled the camel, having long, spindly legs and a camel-like face,while its spotted skin resembled that of a leopard.
— Steven Saylor, The Triumph of Caesar: A Novel of Ancient Rome , 2008


is a portmanteau of the words camel and pard , an archaic term for a leopard or panther. It entered English in the late 1300s.

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