bog (meaning toilets)

This word we know and use quite often but the first time hearing it as a slang word was in Sherlock Season 03 (transcript from here):

MARY: (handing him an RSVP card): John’s cousin. Top table?
SHERLOCK: (looking at the card): Hmm. Hates you. Can’t even bear to think about you.
MARY: (looking up at him): Seriously?
SHERLOCK: Second class post, cheap card … (he sniffs it and grimaces) … bought at a petrol station. Look at the stamp: three attempts at licking. She’s obviously unconsciously retaining saliva.
MARY: Ah. (Over her shoulder to John) Let’s stick her by the bogs.
[Transcriber’s note: ‘bogs’ is a slang word for ‘toilets’.]

noun Usually, bogs, British Slang.
a lavatory; bathroom.
1780–90; probably shortening of bog-house; compare bog to defecate, boggard (16th century) privy, of obscure origin



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