from my online class

I have failed to mention that I am taking my first online class on Yes, generally I prefer the traditional route where I physically show up to class and have the opportunity to interact with fellow classmates and instructors. Here I am interacting with the other students (is that 200+ students I see enrolled in the online class?!) but still, not the same as having immediate access to instructor and fellow classmates!

The class I am currently enrolled (and haven’t finished!):

Character Concept Art: From Initial Sketch to Final Design by 
 Concept Artist & Illustrator – the sketch you see here is from this class!

want to know more about these characters, see here

The other class I am taking (but haven’t started):
Introduction to Lettering: One Letterform at a Time by Jessica Hische, Letterer and Illustrator

The plus side to taking online classes-cheaper and you can learn at your own rate and I am grateful for that at the rate I am going!
Here is my referral link if you are interested in taking a class at skillshare:
Some of these classes are $10-30 and lifetime access to class materials, no expiration. There is a checklist for each stage of the class project and you post online for feedback from your peers.

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