misery takes on many forms

dittofunky_10.25.13_miseryI always pictured misery personified as this woman who on the surface is beautiful (although not apparent in my sketch she is beautiful!) taunting me and others into misery. Behind the mask she is wretched, subtly and not so subtly telling her victims that they are worthless or reminding them they should resign to their circumstances because there is no hope.

Her husband and partner, despair, is never far away.

 Not to say misery should always be personified as a woman but because I am one, misery is projected as a woman. To the man who suffers misery, misery is projected as male. Misery sure takes many forms.

mis·er·y [miz-uh-ree]
noun, plural mis·er·ies.
1. wretchedness of condition or circumstances.
2. distress or suffering caused by need, privation, or poverty.
3. great mental or emotional distress; extreme unhappiness.
4. a cause or source of distress.
5. Older Use.
a.a pain: a misery in my left side.
b. rheumatism.
c. Often, miseries. a case or period of despondency or gloom.

1325–75; Middle English miserie < Latin miseria, equivalent to miser wretched + -ia -y3


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