Last week’s word of the day:

hyperhidrosis \hahy-per-hi-DROH-sis\ , noun:

abnormally excessive sweating.

I imagined myself in hyperhidrosis during the heatwave in July. And then imagined a walking blob of a person in ultra hyperhidrosis!

“I have hyperhidrosis,” Tinkle said. “What’s hyperhidrosis?” I asked. “I sweat too much.” “Were you actually diagnosed by a doctor?” “Yes.” “How do you gethyperhidrosis?” “Genetics. And stress. Stress sets up the genetics.”

— Jonathan Ames, Wake Up, Sir!, 2004Outside the Riviera, where the air is hot enough to give me hyperhidrosis, everyone gives the driver a two or three dollar tip.

— William T. Vollmann, Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs, 1991

Hyperhidrosis comes directly from the Greek meaning “excessive sweating.” It entered English in the late 1800s.

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