Tumbl-Con USA and the Sherlock Committee

I was contacted a few weeks ago from the Sherlock Committee for Tumbl-Con USA asking if I would be interested to contribute a never-before-seen Sherlock fanart for their auction fundraiser. I figure why not, even though I don’t have a tumblr blog! hahahah! (I would say I am not a tumblr user but I do have an account there, just no blog)

So this image I have up here is not for sale in their auction – what is for sale is a brand spanking new artwork which you’ll have to see by accessing the Sherlock committee website: Sherlock Committee’s LiveJournal

This is where the auction will be conducted.
This whole tumblr convention is quite interesting – it’s for tumblr users – curious as to what will be happening at the convention that’s coming in 2014! What caught my eye on their page:
“In addition to bringing together these groups, we are also very interested in promoting and helping with two common issues found within Tumblr users, mainly, depression and anxiety.  We wish to provide informational programming about healthy ways to deal with these conditions.”
Quite interesting indeed!

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