A Happy Winterfell Thanksgiving to you too!

Thanksgiving is here! Normally my family don’t celebrate Thanksgiving being that it’s an American tradition and they’re of Chinese descent. I love this holiday though as a good reminder to count our blessings and I always enjoy my church’s Thanksgiving service followed by luncheon.
I am thankful to God for:
– breath of life
 God providing light and being our light
 running water
 kindness of strangers
(of course a few of these are mentioned in light of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy!)

The sketch:
This is a quick sketch and coloring of a Stark Thanksgiving from the book series I’m reading: A Song of Ice and Fire.
This would never happen in the books of course and Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims and native Americans in Plymouth centuries ago. Also Catelyn probably wouldn’t be the one serving the turkey, nor have Jon Snow, Theon and Septa Mordane at the table. Also the direwolves won’t be near the table either!

Ah well, it’s nice to imagine it anyways in a Winterfell parallel universe!

This layout follows Norman Rockwell’s iconic “Freedom from Want” painting.

You can find this artwork on my deviant page as well.

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