London Olympics

I’ve always enjoyed watching the swimming, artistic gymnastics, beach volleyball and track & field in the Olympics. This year however, it’s been fun watching the other Olympic sports which I normally don’t watch such as weightlifting, indoor volleyball, decathlon and rhythmic gymnastics.

I’m sure there are more that I missed but wow, watching these sports have me really impressed of all the Olympic athletes who have trained hours, days, months and years to get to where they are with the level of skill and finesse. I am especially impressed with the rhythmic gymnastics which I finally got a chance to watch since I had a day off today to work on projects. AMAZING! I never really saw rhythmic gymnastics as a good Olympic sport, for me it’s more like a well rehearsed performance but the level of skill and finesse that they have is just incredible. What’s better than the individual rhythmic gymnastics? The group rhythmic gymnastics, of course! The synchronicity between the group members – just WOW over all!

This sketch just doesn’t justify the athletic display though it is my first time sketching a rhythmic gymnast!

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