Dare2Draw – models!

It was my first time going to NYC big Dare2Draw at Society of Illustrators – 3.5 hours of drawing and listening to guest speakers who are professional artists. We did so many 2min-10min model drawings that I have made a movie out of it. It’s been a while since I did quick model drawings – my main goal was to capture the gesture even if they were in business suits and wielding different weaponry such as swords or guns!

At the end of the event there were 2 Quickdraw which are 15min drawing contests based on the theme they give you. Surprisingly, they printed out references for us to use and surprisingly (or not, who knows) I won first prize in the sea creature quickdraw! The other quickdraw was ‘Barberella’. First time attending and I already won 1 quickdraw! (illustration to be posted on their site shortly!)

My prize included Copic pens (Yay! more pens!),Pentel color pencils, toys, comic books, 2 bristol pads for comic book drawing and a tshirt. Not bad for first prize! 
Can’t wait for the next one!


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