mignon – dictionary.com word of the day!

Revisiting dictionary.com word of the day and one of the words for this month is ‘mignon’. I couldn’t help but think of my coworker when I read this definition of this word! (She is really that small! Like a delicate flower!)

mignon \min-YON\ , adjective:
Small and pretty; delicately pretty.

As the village princeling and household cosset, the toast of the family, the mignon of the minions, the darling of the staff, my feelings about the proposed adoption would not be hard to divine.
— Martin Amis, Success

Mignon stems from the French word of the same spelling which means “delicate” or “charming”. It is also related to the word “minion” through the sense of “small”.

I can imagine her posing next to a Grenadier guard. Have not gotten over my British festish since the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

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