Tour Mail at the Brooklyn Art Library

I was at the Brooklyn Art Library yesterday night for a surprise send-off party for the sketchbooks of 2012 Sketchbook Project!
At the party we participated in the first time ‘Tour Mail‘ where participants get to draw/write postcards to a stranger at each stop of the tour as well as receiving them. It’s what they call their very own ‘interactive postal service!’
It was fun being surrounded by all the creative energy at the party! I was so inspired and quickly sketched 3 postcards for a stranger in Boston, Vancouver and Philly!
One of the sketches was an owl inspired by Brooklyn Art Library mascot/logo. I wish I had taken a photo of the sketch, the one posted here is somewhat similar to the one I sketched last night, minus the color!
We used Prismacolor markers and color pencils and we get to take home a Prismacolor marker of our choosing!
I chose one with the brush tip of course!
More ‘tour mail’ please – what a great concept!


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