mockingjay costume? (the hunger games)

Well, I am definitely caught up in ‘The Hunger Games‘ frenzy. I already finished the trilogy weeks ago and within less than a month. It’s been a while since I read anything so fast paced and good. And so, I created my own tribute (‘tribute’, ha!) to the trilogy and the movie coming out this weekend by creating a costume – yes, it’s a mockingjay costume. No, I considered Katniss costume or any other tributes costumes but mockingjay just seem so right!
I had come up with a few sketches and finally decided on this one. I would have to carry the arrow in my mouth the whole time, an oversight but still works anyway. I can use this not only for the premiere showing this weekend but perhaps for Comic-con as well. Comic-con 20-12,13,14 – since they’re making the entire trilogy into movie. This can work! Muahaha!! (evil laugh which seem to end this blog entry just right as well!)

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