The sketch was based on the quote, which I thought was quite funny! I am beginning to like this word.

rakish \ REY-kish \ , adjective;

1. Smart; jaunty; dashing.
2. Of a vessel: having an appearance suggesting speed.

3. Like a rake; dissolute: rakish behavior.

Just as they stepped into the house Beard remembered that it was Patrice’s afternoon off, and there she was, at the head of the stairs, in rakish blue eye patch, tight jeans, pale green cashmere sweater, Turkish slippers, coining down to meet them with a pleasant smile and the offer of coffee as her husband had made the introductions.
— Ian McEwan, Solar

Yahoo answers defined ‘rakish‘ this way (according to one user):
It’s ‘rakish‘, pronounced ‘rake-ish‘ and is an old English way of saying you look rather natty, stylish; fashionably dressed, maybe a little unconventional.

Although it’s usually meant as a compliment, a ‘rake‘ by definition is a young man who feels unrestrained by convention or morality.

Rakish enters the English lexicon in the 1700s, butrake , as in “immoral person,” goes back further, possibly descended from the Middle English rakel, “headstrong.”


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