>a donkey devotional


King Jesus
why did You choose
a lowly donkey
to carry You
to ride in Your parade?
Had You no friend
who owned a horse
-a royal mount with spirit
fit for a king to ride?
Why choose an donkey
small unassuming
beast of burden
trained to plow
not carry kings?
King Jesus
why did You choose me
a lowly unimportant person
to bear You
in my world today?

I’m poor and unimportant
trained to work
not carry kings
-let alone the King of kings
and yet You’ve chosen me
to carry You in triumph
in this world’s parade.
King Jesus
keep me small
so all may see
how great You are.
Keep me humble
so all may say
“Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the Lord”
not “what a great donkey He rides.”

-Joseph Bayly

This is from Larry Richard’s The 365 Day Devotional Commentary. I was reading Numbers 22-25 and thought this poem that came with the devotional was great and funny towards the end. Of course I changed a word or two to fit this in modern language!

I wish I had more time to work on the sketch, it was done really quickly in a few min. 


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