Love this word – antediluvian. This is my sketch of the antediluvian man in the sea. I might add more to the sketch later.

One of my *many* sketches for sketchbook project!

antediluvian \ an-tih-duh-LOO-vee-uhn \ , adjective;

1. Of or relating to the period before the Biblical flood.
2. Antiquated; from or belonging to a much earlier time.

1. One who lived before the Biblical flood.
2. A very old (or old-fashioned) person.

The other thing that almost always goes with these myths is the notion of an antediluvian civilisation –something which existed before the flood and wasdestroyed by it.
— Graham Hancock, “Castles in the sea”, TheGuardian , February 6, 2002

Customs like fox hunting or men’s clubs are denounced as barbaric, patriarchal, and antediluvian throwbacks, whereas the truly barbaric, patriarchal,and antediluvian traditions of various stagnant indigenous cultures are viewed with reverence, nostalgia, and envy.
— Jonah Goldberg, “Who Are We to Judge?”, National Review , September 21, 2001

Antediluvian comes from Latin ante-, “before” + diluvium, “flood.”


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