lupine \ LOO-pahyn \ , adjective;

1. Savage; ravenous; predatory.
2. Pertaining to or resembling the wolf.

1. Any of numerous plants belonging to the genus Lupinus, of the legume family.

Thin as a whippet, she had later reported to her husband, with something canine, or rather lupine, in the face as well, the heavy-lidded eyes intelligent and watchful and pale.
— Michael Chabon, The final solution: a story of detection

Lupine derives from the Latin lupinus, “of the wolf.” The relation between the animal, savagery, and the plant of the same name is unclear.
I was testing the pen Cat brought home with her, a gel pen called ‘Caliber’. Then switched back to Opti-flow again and then back again. And this sketch is the result! He looks silly rather than menacing with his hand where it is!

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