yen: A desire or craving

This sketch is an ode to Sebastian Meschenmoser’s “Learning to Fly”, a children’s book which he wrote and illustrated. My roommate has this book leaning against the side of the tv and how appropriate the word ‘yen‘ is for this book because it’s about a penguin who has a yen for flying. My sketch is not a penguin of course, was aiming to look like an emu.
yen \YEN\ , noun;
1. A desire or craving.
2. An aluminum coin and monetary unit of Japan, equal to 100 sen or 1000 rin.

1.To have a craving; yearn.

If you have a yen for real-life adventure stories, here are five paperbacks you want to be sure to slip into your vacation bag this summer.
— Marjorie Kehe, “5 gripping real-life adventure stories”, Christian Science Monitor, May 2010.
The use of yen to signify a desire, as opposed to Japanese currency, is an Americanism that probably derives from Chinese dialect, yáhn or yin, “craving.”


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