So there is a word for this behavior! I remembered seeing one of those “thirty pound lead empathy bellies” strapped to one of the male characters on a tv show once. The husband in this sketch is in pain!

couvade \koo-VAHD\ , noun;
1. A practice in certain cultures in which the husband of a woman in labor takes to his bed as though he were bearing the child.
Whether men experience
couvades or not, there are plenty of other birth rituals for them to partake in: sitting through prenatal classes, going to ultrasound appointments, strapping on thirty pound lead empathy bellies, attending coed baby showers, making smalltalk during epidural sessions, photographing the birth, cutting the umbilical cord. . . — Tina Cassidy, Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born

Couvade comes from the French couver, “to incubate or hatch.”


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