The sketch was inspired by a Coldstone commercial…yummm Coldstone ice cream…

swain \SWEYN\ , noun;
1. A male admirer or lover.
2. A country lad.
3. A country gallant.

I like the thesaurus entry:

Main Entry: swain
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: beau
Synonyms: admirer, beloved, cavalier, courter, escort, fiancé, “flame”, gentleman caller, gentlemanfriend, honey, inamorato, love, lover, paramour,squire, steady, suitor, sweetheart, true love,wooer

Word Origin & History

c.1150, “young man attendant upon a knight,” from O.N. sveinn “boy, servant, attendant,” from P.Gmc. *swainaz “attendant,servant,” prop. one’s own (man), from PIE *swoi-no– , from base*swe- “oneself, alone, apart” (see idiom). Cognate with O.E. swan “shepherd, swineherd,” O.S. swen , O.H.G. swein. Meaning”country or farm laborer” is from 1579; that of “lover, wooer” (inpastoral poetry) is from 1585.
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper


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