mr doob harmony site!

this is an excerpt from one of the many design blogs i subscribe to, sub-studio (I actually met the designers/bloggers at a Redeemer Arts Iniative forum a few weeks ago!):

“My friend Mike sent me the link to Mr. Doob’s Harmony application, which he described as “kind of like etch-a-sketch for adults”. It took me a little while to figure out how to use it, but once I got started it was really kind of mesmerizing…I would call it a hybrid between an etch-a-sketch and a Spirograph. It has a bunch of different ‘pens’ that create some nice effects – webbed, fur, shaded (my favorite). My only complaint is that there’s no ‘undo’ button that would allow you some flexibility in playing with the different functions. Play around with it and enjoy!”

Here is my sketch from that very cool website!


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