I drew the right sketch first and then drew the final one on the left. The girl in the first one came out all wrong, but I love the gesture of the guy trying to be playful when he is reaching his hand to touch her arm!

malapert \MAL-uh-purt\ , adjective;
1. Unbecomingly bold or saucy.

1. A malapert person.

“There never was a man so plagued as I am with a malapert knave! The fellow is shrewd, and I have found him faithful —I believe he loves me too, and he has given proofs of it—but then he is so uplifted in his own conceit, so self-willed and so self-opinioned, that he seems to become the master and I the man— and whatever blunder he commits, he is sure to make as loud complaints, as if the whole error lay with me, and in no degree with himself.”
— Sir Walter Scott, The fortunes of Nigel, Volume 1

Malapert relates to the Old French mal apert, “ill-skilled,” which means malapert and expert share a common ancestor.


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