This was actually last Monday’s word of the day (I know, I am kinda behind!) But I thought the definition and the origin of this word was interesting that I wanted to eventually come back to it and sketch the word.

scapegrace \SKAYP-grayss\ , noun;
1. A reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.

She intended to divide her fortune neither evenly nor proportional to need, but to ensure her own pleasure, bequeathing the bulk of it to her scapegrace nephew Rawdon Crawley, who had few virtues but much vitality; he amused her.
— Randy Cohen, “The Heir Unapparent”, New York Times Magazine, December 12, 1999


Scapegrace is from scape (a variant of escape) + grace.


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