hirsute-what a great word!

love this word-

hirsute\HUR-soot; HIR-soot; hur-SOOT; hir-SOOT\ , adjective;
1. Covered with hair; set with bristles; shaggy; hairy.

The Bear . . . makes the rounds of the clubs “disguised” in trench coat and broad-brimmed hat, hoping (successfully, it seems) to be mistaken for a rather hirsute human.— Richard M. Sudhalter, “The Bear Comes Home’: Composing the Words That Might Capture Jazz”, New York Times, August 29, 1999
First of all, your nose is nearly covered with your bloody moustache and your beard, Mr Gogarty replied. Mr Allen apologised for his “hirsute” appearance.— Paul Cullen, “No ambush sprung on returning Gogarty”, Irish Times, March 23, 1999
He was incredibly hirsute: there was even a thick pelt of hair on the back of his hands.— Tama Janowitz, By the Shores of Gitchee Gumee
Hirsute comes from Latin hirsutus, “covered with hair, rough, shaggy, prickly.”


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